Stasi or Hipster?

stasi or hipster

Skinny pants, patterned shirts, tiny hats, male facial hair, a touch of slouch, aloof to I-know-more-than-thou-and-have-a-better-life-for-it expressions. Stasi–or hipster?

Presumably, they both drank cheap beer.

One group wanted to stand out from the general population, another merge into it, though both, presumably, wanted to be recognized by their own kind. Both wanted to exert some control over the general society, one through coercion and personal insecurity backed by the power of the state, the other through kale and an avoidance of automobiles backed by the power of cool.

Hipster–or Stasi?

I’ve combined images from the Daily Mail (using images from Simon Menner, although the pictures appear elsewhere) and