Duality of Domestic Violence


Domestic violence has been on my mind well before Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) or the recent murder of a TSA officer at LAX. And you’ll see, in that juxtaposition, I’ve momentarily dilated the definition of domestic violence from assailing one’s intimate partner to assailing one’s fellow citizen, by which I don’t mean to detract from radical feminism. If Heinrich Heine is often paraphrased as having said, “Where books burn, people follow,” we might also say, “If people will attack those ostensibly closest to them, imagine what they’ll do to those furthest from them.”

Indeed, the moment we look at another human and see instead our burden, our resource, or our torment, the prelude to violence has crept in. This concern stalks the pages of Wisecrack, in which the greatest and recurrent transgression is betrayal of trust, for we are entrusted not just with ourselves, but with the worlds we can make possible. Hence, I have chosen to thank a few charities making a better world: Roots of Peace, Safe Harbor Shelter, and Shelter for Help in Emergency.

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