Other work

Available for Production/Representation or In Progress
Vanderdank, a comic novella of 58,000 words
The NeF (Another Song of a Fool), a novel about teachers and Hurricane Katrina of 78,000 words
Falling Nuts, a farce of masculinity and meditation camp (3M/2W)
The Wreck of the Patriot, tragedy of Aaron Burr (3M/1W)
A Human Experiment in Nerve Division, a historical tale of science, literature, and marriage (1M/1W)

Past Work
• “Undermined,” William and Mary Review, Spring/Summer 2013
• “Dirndls on Demand” and “German New Orleans,” German Life, June/July 2013 (http://germanlife).
• “Young Woman of Bethany,” Jason Miller Playwright’s Project, Scranton Public Theatre, May 2013
• “Wars of Succession,” Jason Miller Playwright’s Project Invitational Dyonisia, Scranton Public Theatre, September 2011

Other Journalism
Search for “Meier” at:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ (here you might want to add “Mark”)

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